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God told Gideon in the book of Judges to organize an army of loyal supporters to fight for Israel. When it came time to advance, He whittled Gideon's forces to 300 to accomplish his goal:

"With three hundred men I will save you and give the Midianites into your hands." Judges 7:7

What is Gideon's 300?

Gideon's 300 is a loyal band of supporters who donate on a monthly or yearly basis to JH Israel on behalf of the National Leadership Center (NLC) vision in Ariel, Israel to:

  • Introduce Israeli youth to their Biblical heritage through our outdoor leadership facility and unique curriculum.

  • Put into action the Israeli Government's invitation to implement our program nationwide among high school students, youth-at-risk groups, and more.

  • Sponsor programs that bring Israeli Arab and Jewish students together at the NLC in an environment that offers grounds for reconciliation and relationship building.


For just $100 a month, or $1,200 a year; you can be part of a small brand of loyal supporters who are giving into the spiritual development of Israel's young leaders.


Consider adding family members as part of your commitment: Simply add $100 monthly for each family member you choose, and include his or her name along with yours in your commitment. Invite your friends and extended family to join you as members of our Gideon's 300!


For additional questions on Gideon's 300, email Tracey Gardner.

"The commitment to support a vision that serves the youth of Israel by reconnecting them to God and their spiritual roots; and also working to strengthen the U.S-Israel collaboration, has not only brought joy and spiritual growth; it has also renewed our faith and vision.  

As we have grown and participated in more of JH Israel’s prayer meetings, we have experienced the joy of seeing God’s hand at work in His people!

Truly, our monthly support of JH Israel’s life-changing ministry  in Israel has drawn us closer to the Lord’s heart.  I wish everyone could join us in the excitement of watching history unfold in our midst!" 

FG and Suan Baldwin, Gideon's 300 Partners

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