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JH Israel tours immerse you in the Holy Land, deepening your intimacy with the Lord as you walk you through the footsteps of Jesus and biblical heroes. The tour will expand your knowledge of Biblical prophecy and its connection to modern Israel. This transformational experience takes you into the story of Israel’s past, present, and future making it a part of your spiritual journey and life’s vision. Our tours reveal Israel from the inside out, allowing you to see life through the eyes of Israeli students, politicians, families, and business leaders. JH Israel has a unique opportunity in this modern unfolding of Biblical prophecy, and we invite you to journey through the land of Israel with us and take up a place in the story of modern Israel. It is an experience of a lifetime, not to be missed!

History Makers Tour

The History Maker tours are a first class experience of the Holy Land. On these trips, you will stay in incredible hotels, eat the best of Israeli cuisine, taste wine from the ancient vines of renowned wineries, and experience all that the Holy Land has to offer through the luxurious hospitality of the Israeli people. Through your experience on this tour, you will learn about the importance of your role in supporting the nation of Israel, and how you can partner with JH Israel and the National Leadership to fulfill this calling. The History Makers have a pivotal role in advancing the work of JH Israel and its touch on the people of Israel, through the support of the building, growth, and maintenance of our National Leadership Center. 

Gideon's 300 Tour

The Gideon’s 300 tour immerse you in the culture, way of life, and spiritual roots of the Israeli people. Join us as we walk through the locations of the life and ministry of Jesus and connect to your unique place in advancing the unfolding Biblical prophecy in Israel. You will partake in excellent accommodations, cuisine, and experiences tailored just for you. As you step into the story of our organization's place in Israel, and see first-hand how your involvement in the Gideon’s 300 army has supported and advanced that position, you will have the opportunity to partner in special projects supporting the National Leadership Center and leaving your lasting imprint of the land. 

Joshua Generation Tour

The Joshua Generation tours are a unique experience to step into the culture and vitality of the land of Israel. This trip is designed for young professionals who want a fast-paced experience of what Israel has to offer from the holy sites to the way of life of the Israeli youth. The accommodations remain top tier, with an added experience of the varied street food and marketplace cuisine. As you visit the National Leadership Center, you will have the opportunity to experience all of the adventure based programs that are offered, as well as a unique project that this group will be able to do on property leaving a permanent mark in the hills of Samaria. 



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