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Students come from all over Israel to participate in programs at the National Leadership Center (NLC). Before they come, NLC staff go to their schools to help them understand what they will experience, and after they have attended, they have sessions at their school to help them make what they have learned a way of life.

After learning about a Biblical leader, students participate in challenging adventures on unique courses to connect the content with their activity. They debrief together about their experience, to internalize these life lessons.

Watch this special welcome from Eran Glazer, Managing Director of the National Leadership Center (NLC), as you are taken on a virtual tour of the NLC.


  • Experiential outdoor learning environment on 142 acres in Ariel, Israel.

  • Seven climbing challenges: The Odyssey, Alpine Tower, Climbing Wall, Leap of Faith, Giant Swing, Low Ropes, and Team Development Course.

  • Key relationships with and endorsed by Israeli Ministry of Education and Israel Defense Forces.

  • Guests include: Teens in Public Schools ages 12 to 20 years, Israel’s Youth Movements, Israeli Defense Forces, Police, Fire, and Prison System Personnel, Municipalities, Regional Councils and Businesses.

  • 100,000 participants have attended a program at the Leadership Center in Ariel.

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